Projects for Schools and Civic Groups

Donation Drive

Consider doing a supply or penny drive as a school project or work project. Give the drive a deadline and challenge other classes or business. The FAHS will happily come and thank your class with a “puppy party” and humane education presentation.

Supplies we always need: used towels and blankets, polar fleece, bleach, Dawn, laundry detergent, Pinesol, Purina Cat/Kitten Chow and Purina Dog/Puppy Chow, canned dog and cat food.


Volunteer your time to come to the shelter to play and socialize with the animals. Social animals get adopted easily.

Be an advocate for the shelter. Tell people about the great animals here, the importance of spay/neuter, and the needs we have. Friend us of Facebook and get on our mailing list through our this website. Our pets can always be seen on or through our adopt page.

Make Toys and Treats

Happy Socks – Just take a sock and stuff it with a fistful of polyfill and a big pinch of catnip. Tie a knot in the ankle and you’ve made a toy that will entertain a cat for hours.

Milk caps and plastic rings from quaker oats cardboard canisters – cats love ‘em!

You can take old Ponytail holders; link them together in a chain of 4 or more.

Toilet paper rolls have many uses. Stuff on end with tissue paper, put in a few treats, stuff the other end with tissue paper. Toilet paper roll can also be cut to make fun wheels that cats enjoy.

Polar Fleece Spiders: Tie strips of polar fleece in a knot the ends of the strips will be the “legs”.

Pup Pops: There is nothing better than a popsicle on a hot summer day. Dogs think so too! To make a pup pop dissolve a packet of jello or bouillon in a water, the ratio can be very diluted, for just a little bit of flavor. Pour the mixture into small disposable cups and put a dog bone treat in the cup so the end of the bone is sticking out, like a popsicle stick, then freeze. Line filled cups in a baking dish and freeze together. This would also work with cupcake pans and any kind of dog treats, no liner necessary.

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