Anyone interested in adopting an animal from the FAHS is required to fill out a pre-adoption application. 

Potential adopters must be able to provide documentation that current pets are up to date with vaccines (including rabies), heartworm prevention, and the pets have been spayed/neutered. Permission to contact the current veterinary practice is also required. 

Efforts will be made to notify adopters of approval as timely as possible. Please be aware pre-adoption reviews may take up to one week.

Adoption Information:

Dogs & Puppies: $150

Cats & Kittens: $85

Senior Animals: $50

All animals are vaccinated and spayed or neutered before adoption. If the animal has not been altered at the time of selection, an appointment will be made with the SNIP clinic or a vet of your choice. It is South Carolina state law that all animals adopted from shelters be altered.

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